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  Rajnagar-Khoirasol Project:  
  The Geo Physical Condition of the area:

Climate: Climate of the area is characterized by hot dry summer (maximum temperature climbs up higher than 40˚C). The average annual rainfall is 1400 mm, but it is very sporadic in nature resulting in a topsy turvy distribution throughout the monsoon period. Generally, July, August and September are monsoon months.

Water resource: Because of undulated topography and high rate of indiscriminate deforestation the rainfall - though fairly adequate - does not result in sufficient ground water storage. Almost all the rain water runs off quickly through the sloppy ground surfaces and goes out of the catchments area through gullies and streams. Very small part of the rain water percolates down into the ground. Moreover, due to high porosity of soil and gradient, the surface water flow is considerably high, consequently the ground water falls rapidly after the monsoon is over. All the streams within the area are seasonal in nature and become dry by the month of December. A majority of the existing tanks contain water, at the most, till middle of January.

The major part of the area contains red sandy soil, the remaining part contains red laterite soil with fractured rocky under layer. Due to absence of adequate vegetative cover (Owing to high rate of deforestation) and heavy surface runoff during monsoon, fertile topsoil has been eroded away to a great extent. In fact, an alarmingly high percentage of land of this area is wasteland.
State District Block Village Population covered Thematic area
West Bengal - Rajnagar-Khoirasole Project Birbhum
  • Rajnagar
  • Khoirasole
  • Md. Bazar
  • Suri 1


  • Sustainable Technology Transfer to Enhance Productivity for Ultra Poor.
  • Livelihood promotion
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Child Education
  • Adult literacy
  • Greening India programme
  • Awareness Generation
  • Nursery raising

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Rajnagar Khairasol Project

Vill. Abadnagar, P.O. Muktipur, Dist. Birbhum, Pin - 731 130,

Phone : 03462-202340, Mobile-09732229840

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