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Tagore Society for Rural Development is a voluntary organization of national & international reputation with its Head Quarter in Kolkata. It has been running 10 comprehensive rural development projects in three states - West Bengal, Jharkhand & Orissa.

In West Bengal, the Society has been implementing a comprehensive development project in economically & socially neglected & backward region, the Sunderbans for the last 30 years. There are many ongoing activities but it has been felt that all these developmental activities are destined to be marginal if some basic problems of the region which are threatening the very existence of the region. The Sunderbans is made up of 102 isolated islands surrounded by sea & saline rivers.

Out of them, 54 islands have been completely deforested & human habitation developed from the 19th century. The population of the inhabited islands is 4.3 million. Only 48 islands have forest cover. The continuous rape of this area's natural resources has resulted in-

(1) Continuous growing ecologic imbalance

(2) To develop human habitation in the islands, 3500 kms of mud built embankments had to be constructed to save the islands from the intrusion of saline waters during high tides.

(3) Due to global warming & greenhouse effect, Nature has started behaving abnormally resulting in recurring cyclones, failure of embankments & consequent flooding of the inhabited islands causing large-scale destruction and also other related problems.

We have been trying to address these problems with our limited resources & strength.

From my long experience of 40 years stay in the Sunderbans, I strongly feel that what we lack most is the awareness among the people living in the Sunderbans regarding the problems & how they can contribute in addressing the problems. Holding awareness generation camps serves little purpose. That is why we thought of developing a complex with the idea -

This Interpretation Complex has been conceptualized & Dr. Saroj Ghosh, an eminent museologist who is responsible for Science City & other buildings.

The planned estimates have prepared by an eminent architect, Sri R. Gupta who has huge experience of working in India & abroad.

The estimated cost for the construction of the complex is INR 15,000,000 & the recurring expenditure will be around INR3,000000  per year.

We have already mobilized INR.6,000000 from different sources and the construction of the Interpretation Complex is half complete.

I earnestly appeal to different organisations, both national & international, agencies, & individuals, particularly NRIs, to liberally donate for this noble cause & help more than 3 million people in their struggle for existence and not become Environmental Refugees. Any other details can be sent through an enquiry to the following address –

The Secretary,

Tagore Society for Rural Development,
46B, Arabinda Sarani,Kolkata – 700005.

Phone : 91 – 33- 25552433
Fax : 91- 33 – 25554391

Email: tagoresociety1@gmail.com

A visit to the area can be organized, if desired.

All donations will be exempt under Section 12A & 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

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