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  Patamda Project:  

The Patamda Project unit was established in 1980 when the area was affected with severe drought. The primary focus of the project was to create livelihood opportunities and reduce the migration through creation of irrigation facilities and improved agriculture practice. Apart from livelihood Health, environments, Education, social awareness are the important aspect of intervention. Now the project office is situated at Macha, Birra, Patamda, East-Singhbhum, Jharkhand. The project area is a remote hilly and dense forest area. The terrain of the area is hilly and undulation. The area falls under the Chottonagpur plateau. The average annual rainfall of the area is 1200mm. Most of the people belong to SC, ST and other backward communities. The main occupation of the people of the area is agriculture. The agriculture is a rain fed and mono-crop. There is no big industry and cottage industries in the area. Some people get employment in unhealthy stone crushing industry. Literacy rate is very low specially among women literacy rate is much lower than male. Health conditions of the people are far lower than the state and national level in terms of MMR, IMR, CDR, low immunization rate etc.
To implement the project activities, presently operate from five office campuses by 45 experienced staff members are working with the Patamda project. At the Patamda project unit, necessary physical infrastructure like own office building, training cum seminar hall, staff quarters, guest houses, along with sufficient movable and immovable assets are available.
State District Block Village Population covered Thematic area
Jharkhand & West Bengal – Patamda Project East Singhbhum
  • Patamda
  • Boram
  • Gurabandah
  • Ghatsila








  • Community Organization
  • Institution building – SHG
  • Tribal development
  • Women Empowerment
  • Drip irrigation
  • Promotion of Horticulture
  • Increase Livelihood through agriculture
  • Manbazar-I
  • Manbazar-II
    Bandowaan Balarampur Purulia-I


Contact Info

Patmda Project

Vill. Macha, P.O. Birra, Dist. East Singhbhum, Jharkhand, Pin - 832 105

Mobile - 08084165829 / 09431762446

E-Mail : tsrdpatamda1@gmail.com
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