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  Hindol Project(Autonomous):  

Hindol Project(Autonomous) of Dhenkanal district was started in 1984. The district is inhabited predominantly by Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. People are by and large dependent on rain-fed agriculture. On vast stretches of undulating landmass where rain water is stored in tanks the second crop is grown. The area is infrastructurally poor and prospect of alternative employment within the locality is bleak. In lean seasons people migrate to cities in search of jobs and those left behind subsist on marginal forest produce. As the forest resources are depleting, the survival option has become limited.
State District Block Village Population covered Thematic area
Orissa – Hindol Project (Autonomous) Dhenkanal
  • Dhenkanal
140 5,560
  • SHG formation and strengthening
  • People’s Empowerment
  • Secure Sustainable Livelihood,
  • Community Health, Advocacy
  • Greening India
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