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The operational areas of TSRD covers 2801 villages spread in 47 blocks of 13 districts divided in three states of India viz. West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa. Present covering population is 985743.
Increase in number of women involvement in the governing board and managerial work of the organization.
Powerful women organization has established in 1824 villages which consist of 587443 women divided into 36779 groups. Total savings of these self help groups is Rs.3,32,06,100 total loan disbursed is Rs.3,32,00,000. Among the beneficiaries 34% are minority Muslims, 26% are tribal and 27% are scheduled Castes.
Proper implementation of the Government Schemes for socially excluded, economically vulnerable, politically deprived and culturally weak population (the target group of TSRD) like MGNREGA, JSY, etc. in 2654 operational villages where all total 590543 poverty stricken families have been benefited among whom 34% tribal, 27% Scheduled Caste and 34% minority Muslims.
Augmentation of family income of 18722 families belong to below poverty line (BPL) and ultra poor on an average Rs.1,650 per month. Among them 34% are tribal, 27% Scheduled Caste and 34% are minority Muslims.
In last five years TSRD extended its operational area in 432 villages among them 174 are tribal villages and 258 are Muslim villages in West Bengal and Jharkhand.
TSRD has decentralized its 3 projects in Orissa and at present Tagore Society for Rural Development, Orissa Projects is completely autonomous organization. After 3 to 4 decades of development activities on people's empowerment now onwards those projects will be managed by a separate board.
In last five years TSRD has created 2642 hectors of forest and 97 Kms. of social forestry on the side of the village road which were awarded by Felissimo Forest Foundation-Japan and KKS-Germany.
4428 ill-fated children have been mainstreamed through formal schools. Among them 55% are girl children.
In the drought prone villages of Jharkhand, Orissa and in the saline areas of Sundarbans TSRD excavated and re-excavated 804 ponds.
All total 361643 patients received medical services from mobile health clinics and hospital run by TSRD and also from RCH camps.
Among these patients 52% were women and 38% were children. Out of total patients 44% were minority Muslims and 22% were tribal people.
62,400 family latrines have been constructed for the downtrodden vulnerable community in West Bengal and Jharkhand towards sustenance of health and environment.
2200 ultra poor families now having their bank account and a revolving capital fund amounting more than Rs. 5000 each on an average.



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