An Appeal from
Tushar Kanjilal, Padmashree
Chairman, TSRD

Sundarban is one of the most economically socially backward region of the country. The region of Sundarban consists of 54 inhabited, isolated islands with an approximate habitat of 4.5 million people and other 48 islands have forest cover without any human habitation and belongs to Royal Bengal Tiger and other animals. The economy of the region is dependant mainly on agriculture which is also predominantly mono-cropped. Hence most of the people are extremely poor and lack the most minimum facilities for basic requirements of life viz. education, etc. etc.

Healthcare facilities are scarcely available to the people hence if anybody falls sick he has no other alternative but to go to the nearest city or town covering a distance of more than 100 kms from this inaccessible area. The journey is hazardous and particularly for carrying patients to such a distance. The healthcare programme which was initiated by Rangabelia Project of Tagore Society for Rural Development in 1980 with minimum stress on prevention of diseases but at one point of time it was felt, that curative treatment facilities should also a most important component for comprehensive healthcare programme. Hence a hospital for curative treatment and a grassroot organizational structure became a felt need and we started a small hospital with both outdoor and indoor facilities with the initial financial assistance from individuals and different agencies. Though our aim was to make the hospital self dependant but we failed to do that as some basic services could not be provided with our meager resource. Now at present we require;
a) A digital X-ray machine
b) An ultra Sonogram machine and also some instruments for our surgery department
c) We have at present three part time MBBS doctors and restricted number of qualified nurses hence the running administrative cost is very high. Hence some assistance for running cost of the hospital. It can be on the form of a corpus fund or through a yearly grant deficit basis, which will be approximately Rs.10 lakhs per year for at least three years. My appeal to all financially capable persons, agencies to come forward to help this noble cause. Our society is registered under society registration act having 80G facilities from the income tax department and FCRA registration. Benevolent people and agencies may contact us in the following address.

Hoping a good response from the community.

Please Contact : +91.98309 72136